Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Walking Around On Those..."

I got this piece from eBay a few months ago. It was difficult because I am registered in Australia and the seller had closed their listings off to those outside the USA. Because of this I missed out on another cel he was selling. Fortunately this one didn't sell the first time and I conviced him to repost it. I then changed my geographical location to USA so that I could actually bid on it. They shouldn't make it this difficult to bid on this sort of thing; I was going to have it sent to a friend in the USA anyway!

This came already nicely framed and I think it's a beautiful frame from this sequence. At the time of writing, a similar cel is available from celmates.com for US$4250. This one was only $US1,295 and I think this one is better given her expression, which gives me the opinion that CelMates is a bit overpriced (or I'm a really good bargain hunter)!

This piece cost $US1,295. Photographic background. Framed in black. The authentication seal is in the bottom-left corner.

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  1. I remember this cel on eBay. I wanted it sooooo much but at the time I couldn't afford it :'(